Curriculum in the Early Childhood Classroom CDA Class 1.7

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We as professionals, strive to have a high-quality early education classroom.  To do that, we have to have a developmentally appropriate environment along with schedules and routines that are most conducive to the age of the children in the classroom with a developmentally appropriate curriculum and transitions that are engaging, fun, and stimulating to the children while having a nurturing and secure environment.  In this class, we talk about Routines and Schedules, their importance, and how to support the children in the classroom with them.  We also look at how to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum and how to ensure doing so by using the Early Childhood Standards and how to promote through our curriculum, then we look at transitions and how to provide appropriate transitions for the age children we have and make them engaging and fun.  This course is:

Time:  Three Training Hours

Training Level: 1

Core Content: 4

CDA Content: 8

Course Includes

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