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Each team member contributes to not only our success, but yours as well!

Tina Abner

Credentialed Trainer/Owner

Tina has been a Kentucky credentialed trainer for 21 years. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a BS degree in Early Childhood Education. She has 30 years of experience in early childhood education, working in Head Start as a Mentor Coach and a CLASS certified trainer and observer. She is a member of the Early Childhood Community Council and a certified CPR Instructor through AHA. She fulfilled her dream of beginning an online platform for the last 10 years. Her career as a trainer/business owner is not just about income but reflects her heart. She considerers her work as a conduit to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to all of her students and customers each and every day. Her heart desires to see positive changes in child care, improved training, better wages, and phenomenal mentorship for the next generation of leaders to come.

Amy Conrad

Credentialed Trainer/CDA

Amy is a Credentialed Trainer with a passion for nurturing the development of children and growing the quality of care they receive. Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development and Family Studies from Eastern Kentucky University. Amy’s journey in the field spans over 27 years.
Amy’s experience encompasses a diverse range of roles, including teaching in both early head start and head start programs, working as a PD Specialist for the Council for Professional Recognition, as well as many other impactful roles. Her passion has been to support and mentor early childhood professionals. She has trained countless early childhood educators on a wide array of topics crucial to the field of early childhood. For over two decades Amy has been a CDA trainer/instructor guiding and supporting numerous educators on their path to obtaining their CDA and
KY. Directors credentials.
Amy is committed to enhancing the quality of care, educational opportunities, and support available to children, families, educators, and communities.

Chasity Powell


From the hills of Southeastern Kentucky, where she has built a life enriched by love and family. Chasity is a devoted spouse and a proud parent to four wonderful children. Her educational journey led her to attain a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Counseling, reflecting her commitment to understanding and helping others. She is dedicated her  career to making a positive impact on others.

Beyond work, her passion for travel, her love of books, and the art of photography have colored the canvas of her life. 

In essence, she embodies the values of family, education, and a genuine appreciation for life’s experiences, making myself a well-rounded individual with a heart full of love and a spirit of adventure.

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