Professional Development

Cook's Track

Courses specific to early childhood health, nutrition, and food preparation.


Leading the Way

Early child development includes providing healthy, nutritional meals for children.

The State of Kentucky requires cooks to maintain their professional development like teachers, however, their continuing education needs are different. ECTC understands these needs and has created a specific track just for cooks!

Meal Planning

We believe successful cooks are diligent planners who understand budgeting, ordering, balancing nutrition and variety, cleaning, food prep, and more. 


Discover the essentials to a balanced meal plan that promotes health and gives children the best opportunity for early childhood learning with our nutritional courses.

Dietary Needs

All children have dietary needs but some have specials needs. Learn to care for children who have food allergies, portion restrictions, diabetes, and more.

Courses for Learning

The Cook's Track

Feed your passion, develop your skills, grow your confidence, meet state requirements.


Center Memberships

Save time, money, and the headaches related to teacher and staff training, including your center’s cooks! 

Early Training Center Membership benefits:

  • Staff Progress Tracking
  • Unlimited Course Access
  • Content Specific Courses
  • Monthly Director Chats
  • Book Club and Chats
  • Completion Certificates
  • On-site Training options
  • and more!


Feed your passion, develop your skills, grow your confidence, meet state requirements.

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