Module 4: Understanding Behaviors

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Welcome to the next session in the Pyramid Model Infant-Toddler Training Series, where we are going to learn about how we can better understand and respond to behavior.

In this course we’re going to talk about an area you deal with everyday—child behavior. When we say “behavior” we mean anything you can observe as children act and respond within their environment. We’ll start with an overview of what helps you to make sense of what you are seeing and hearing and appropriately understand and respond to behaviors. We’ll talk about behavior as communication, factors that influence behavior, and we’ll do some thinking about factors that influence our own perceptions of behavior. Finally, we’ll talk about tools to observe and respond to behavior.

Learning Objectives:

•Understand and describe that all young children’s behavior is a way of communicating and has meaning

•Use a variety of strategies, including observation and self-reflection, to increase capacity to support social- emotional development of infants, toddlers, and their families

  • Training Level:2
  • Core: 3
  • CDA: 3
  • Training Hours: 2

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