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ECTC knows that finding quality early education opportunities online can be challenging.  Our new platform provides options to learn with any ability while finding topics that fit your interests.

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Does This Sound Like

How you learn best?

Studies have shown that you learn best when your mind is at the best state for learning, one in which you feel positive, confident, resourceful, and relaxed.

Do you have poor concentration? You find your mind drifting to other things as you attempt to learn, and you spend more time trying to absorb the information because of your distraction.

Online learning gives you the option to learn in whatever setting is most productive for you. Some people can’t concentrate without absolute silence. Others need to listen to music or surround themselves with activity to stay motivated. Taking an online class lets you mold your environment to your personal preferences.

Scheduling Flexibility

You can schedule your learning when you want it, where you want it. Maybe you don’t have a spare minute in the morning or afternoon, but you can carve out an hour-long window each evening for your course or 10 minutes each day at naptime. The possibilities are endless!


NO more having to give up your weekends or stay late after work! Online courses are convenient and flexible that simply can’t be matched by traditional face-to-face methods. With online classes, you can prioritize work and family while pursuing your professional development hours.

Control Over Your Environment

By taking an online, you choose your own learning environment that works best for your needs: be it your bedroom, your study, the café across the street or maybe you want to do on your training while at work, during nap-time or break-time… YOU Can!! Isn’t that awesome?

Study At Your Own Pace

If you are a fast learner and want to jump forward with new information, or a slower learner who takes their time and doesn’t rush through a lesson before they feel they’ve fully absorbed the material, online classes benefit both styles of students. In an online learning environment, you set the pace.

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